(Q) What is your charcoal export capacity

(A) 5,000 Metric Tonnes Minimum per annum

(Q) How do we authenticate the credibility of your company

(A) Our company can be authenticated by confirming from the Nigerian Export Promotion Council

(Q) How many companies have you exported to in the last six months and which countries?

(A) Five companies, the countries are

1. Germany

2. Greece

3. Belgium

(Q) What payment terms are acceptable by your company

(A) Advance payment

Cash Against Documents (CAD)

Confirmed Irrevocable Non-Transferable Letter of Credit (LC)

(Q) How are your Charcoal packaged

(A) Bulk and PP bags of 30-33kg

(Q) Is your Ginger dried and split.

(A) Yes our Ginger is dried and split

(Q) By what means of delivery do you export your Glacinia Kola.

(A) It depends on the quantity being exported. It is either air freighted or couriered.

(Q) Can you organize a business visit to reputable companies in Nigeria.

(A) Yes, we facilitate such meeting based on agreed terms and conditions.

(Q) What quantity of Rutile can you export in a year.

(A) Our maximum export capacity per annum is 10,000 metric tonnes

(Q) Can you supply us Rose crystals

(A) Yes, We have in large quantities